It’s a journey

It’s a journey

Deborah Cherrin March 26, 2019
I sponged some acrylic paint onto a 8×10 canvas.

I started with the sky, which is my favorite section, layering on tissue paper and napkins.

I continued down the canvas as I blocked out the ground and middle ground.

I placed my primary image, the bird, in the tree I created. Then I worked to fill in the bottom half. The leaves outlined on the left are from a favorite stencil. It’s not always easy to stencil on top of gloss medium. The canvas must be dry and I have to have an extra support underneath to press upon. Then I have to worry about the paint running. I love to experiment but it also stresses me out!

Here’s a scene from my studio as I worked on the piece.

By this point I was experimenting full tilt! I used a stamp to create some botanical  background for the lower half. I outlined the stenciled leaves with permanent metallic ink markers. More tissue and napkins and another bird at the top left. The reflective foil dots are from some beautiful gift tissue.

Here I pondered if I was done but I wasn’t happy. It didn’t sizzle or pop although I knew I was close. More stenciled leaves, more bling and another bird lower right. We’re getting there.

Finally I was satisfied. I found just the right flora to add to the middle and lower sections, pumped up the glowing yellow and green, and brought in some red for balance.

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